Gotcha Day!!!
It has taken a little time for this post because we have been truly cherishing each moment with our precious boy......
Monday May 20th 2013
The day couldn't have been more beautiful, each moment is treasured.
I want to start off by saying I am so thankful God is steadfast and never changing because in this life emotions change daily and sometimes by the minute.
As we prepared to meet our sweet boy I found myself in constant prayer and was able to reflect on all God has brought us through up to this point.
I was able to reflect on God's heart for me and for the orphan and the beautiful process adoption is. God is in the details even when we think some of them are silly.
The Lord keeps speaking to me saying, one step at a time, just put one foot in front of the other and I will take care of the outcome, in faith do My will for you and you will see more of my character. So here I am doing that very thing, entrusting the outcome into His hands. Through this I am able to trust Him more. I can not put into words every detail, but I can say God has truly reminded me that He is in control and He sees what is in store.
Every single prayer has been answered up to this point, I am so very thankful for all of the prayers that have gone out on our behalf and the power prayer has.
Before leaving to meet our Morris we spent time in prayer, as we headed out time seemed to stand still as we were driving. I felt God calming me, He gently said it will be ok.
We entered the civil affairs office and went upstairs to a small room crowded with other families and noises. We were searching for our boy, we had to patiently wait for them to bring him out. Through a crack in the back door of the room we saw a glimpse of our sweet little boy sitting in his wheelchair with a smile on his face, he looked over and saw us gazing and smiled so big, he had recognized us from the pictures we sent :) We continued to wait.....
As the nannies wheeled Morris out I literally felt like I was in a dream and everything, all the distractions in the background faded. He was all smiles, looking so proud.
Before I picked him up the nannies wanted him to show me a Mother's Day gift he had made for me. He was so proud showing me the picture frame with the family picture of us in it. He pointed to each person in the picture yelling mama, baba- it was so cute. I looked down and his arms were stretched to the sky with a smile from ear to ear! I picked him up, he came right to me, I held him close while giving him hugs and kisses. Like I said before it is very hard to put these moments into words, they are very very special. The moment we had been waiting for so long had come. All the pictures and videos we had seen finally were becoming real. We could see and touch our little boy. He is truly amazing, we are so proud of Morris for being so brave. I kept saying I cant't believe he is ours. Adoption is a miracle.
Morris was very excited about his bumble bee backpack filled with special toys and treats. He especially loved the little fan airplane, juice box, and bubbles. The simple things we take for granted he sure loves. As we blew bubbles and had Mickey Mouse pop them he was laughing at the top of his lungs. He felt very comfortable with us, not afraid. We had time to ask the nannies questions and collect his things that we had sent to him. All of a sudden Morris realized the nannies were gone and he began to weep, my heart broke as I watched his eyes searching all over the room for the only familiar people in his life. It was heart wrenching.

I just want to say how very thankful and blessed we are for the nannies that truly loved our boy over the past five and a half years he's been alive. We can tell they really love him, they took very good care of our sweet boy and wanted to make sure they each got individual pictures with him before they left. We are so impressed with the love and care his orphanage provided.
Thank you Jesus for our precious, precious treasure. Thank you for choosing him for our family.
Morris began to calm down on the car ride back to the hotel. He amazes us with each passing day. He is receiving our love, and his trust for us is building with each moment we spend nurturing him. Our little boy is tiny, yet strong, meek and mild yet passionate and full of life. His disability does not define him, it makes him who he is. He loves conquering new challenges and making us laugh. We are blessed beyond measure!!


Tuck and D
05/21/2013 11:25pm

We are so overjoyed for your family! Patiently waiting to meet little Morris. What a beautiful boy! God is so good. Thanks so much for the update. Made our day!

05/22/2013 1:11am

Such sweet photos!! God is so good! Morris looks so precious in his mommy and daddy's arms!

05/22/2013 5:21am

I am rejoicing for your family! Your blog touched my heart today, as we are in Day 54 of our LOA wait. Prayers for all of you!!

05/22/2013 7:25am

Beautiful...simply beautiful! My eyes are filled with tears rejoicing with you that God brought your family together!!!

Erika johnson
05/22/2013 8:19am

Amazing. God is so good. Thank you for sharing your story, it's been at the perfect time and has been encouraging. God bless you and your family :)

05/22/2013 12:02pm

So beautiful and precious! He is adorable beyond words!! Praise the Lord. Congratulations!!!1

05/22/2013 12:29pm

Yippee for little adopted babies!!! I'm so happy for you and your entire family! The moment adoptive parents finally get to take their child home is one of the most beautiful, amazing moments ever- thanks for sharing yours- welcome home Morris!!

Alexis Daly
05/22/2013 2:06pm

This story is beautiful and the pictures bring tears to my eyes!! Praising God for Morris!!

Judy and Chuck
05/22/2013 2:31pm

We are just thrilled for you....praying for your needs and wished we were in Idaho to meet the newest member of the family!!!! We will hopefully see you all in August! Love and God's best!

05/23/2013 6:14am

Luke and Miranda....I am so touched by this giving of your hearts and life to Jesus, by the courage of little Morris, by the completeness of your family now that you have him in your arms! God is SOOO good and I will be praying for your reunion with Morris' siblings. God is faithful!


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