I am humbled at the gift of life. The way God looks at each of us with eyes of deep unconditional love, compassion, and as His treasured gifts. Each life to God is precious, beautiful, worth dying for. Each orphan is just as much treasured by the Lord as we are. He has called us to be His hands and feet and to see each life through His eyes.
Life is a miracle, each life is so precious, each child deserves to know the love and support of a family, to have a place to call their own, to be encouraged and uplifted in Gods plan for them, and to know that God has gifted each of us in different and unique ways and desires to use those gifts for His kingdom.

Our visit to Morris' Orphange was a gift, we feel very privileged for the opportunity to see where he has spent the first five and a half years of his life. I have been looking forward to this part of our trip for a longtime.
Maoming is a four and a half hour drive from where we are staying in Guangzhou so we anticipated a very long, emotional day.
Not knowing what to expect we decided through prayer this would be a good thing for Morris to say goodbye to his nannies, teacher, and friends.
The visit turned out to be a bigger blessing than we realized.

As we arrived at Morris' Orphanage his friends from preschool were waving down at him from an upstairs open classroom. His built up emotion poured out on arrival, tears streaming down his face. He has about the most heart melting cry I've heard. We let the orphanage director carry him up to his classroom. As he entered his classroom his cry turned into laughing. He loves his friends! We felt very welcomed and they began showing us all that they have been teaching him. Morris was so sweet as he passed out a small treat to each of his friends. His smile lit up the room and you could see the love each one had for him. Morris' teacher sat with him at the piano and they sang a song.

Each room they took us to was where Morris spent his days. We learned so much about him in that short time we were there. Each care giver loved our Morris and was so thankful he now has a family and an opportunity to spread his sunshine. They called him "sunshine boy!"
We were blessed with a few treasures they had saved for him. A small teddy bear, his little tin cup he drank from, and an amazing memory book with sweet baby pictures. Morris was so proud to show us his crib that he slept in and his chair with his name on it that he sat in during his preschool time.

Our guide Rebecca was amazing, she was able to translate questions we had for Morris and we found out he loves lanterns and when he grows up he wants to make a lantern. These little pieces into his thoughts are each treasured. He is very smart, he greets every one with good morning auntie or uncle, and he knows each of the kids names at his orphanage.
He said goodbye without tears although on the way home he shed a few as he was thinking about his friends.

I pray that each of us as Christians will take time to pray about how we can help the orphans and widows however that may look.

God has shown me the lack of love and wickedness of my own heart during our time in China. The disabled here in China are very much outcasts. Many people have no compassion to people with special needs, as we walk down the streets we do not see people with special needs.
We have been shown disrespect with starring, pointing, laughing because of our sons disability. I have been very heartbroken at these responses and have let my heartbreak turn into anger and bitterness. The Lord gently reminded me that He loves the very people that have shown this disrespect and that these people need Jesus. China is a country based on false God's or no God at all. I am called to show Christ's love to each person I come in contact with, I can choose to shine for Him. Please pray with me for this country, God desires that each person come to know Him. The harvest is plenty but the workers are few. My prayer is that through each family that adopts, that shows Christ's love for the least of these, for the children and people with special needs that ultimately people's hearts here in China will be opened and changed. That they will desire to be different, that they will have a longing for a true religion in their own lives. My prayer is that I can love like Christ loves because only then will people see a difference.

Lord my prayer for sweet Morris is that he will have a deep compassion for people and for his country. I pray that he will be bold and that he will find his confidence in You. I pray that he will shine bright for You, that his life will be a reflection of Your beauty, and that many will come to know You through his story.

May God break my heart so completely that the whole world falls in. ~Mother Teresa



05/27/2013 8:36am

Your photos bring back so many memories of our visit to Maylie's orphanage. It's so wonderful that the Lord opened the door for that. It will be always be a special memory. Morris is absolutely precious!! I hope we get to meet him someday! Praying for your family!!

05/28/2013 5:23am

This blog post touched my heart to the core! You have a way with words, and I am praying with you that Christ continues to shine His light through your life.


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