As we begin to recognize Gods voice and see how He moves and the way He patiently guides our hearts in the things He has for us, His stirring becomes so familiar, so real, and so unlike anything else. He is rich, fills, empowers and changes us into His image. His beautiful image that is full of life and love, real, true love. We become who we will never become on our own.

Gods stirring for us is a process......

Our hearts have been stirred once again for a little boy in China. This stirring has been a process of patience and standing back to allow God to work and move to bring His perfect will to fruition.

Our stirring for our little Jin Jon started about two years ago, around the same time our prayers were being sent for sweet Morris. They were both on the same waiting child list and they have both utterly and completely captured our hearts. God so perfectly guided us and worked out each detail through Morris' adoption to prepare our hearts and build our faith in such a way that we would be open and ready for our Jin Jon, His timing is truly perfect.

March 2012 was not only the month God stirred my heart to Morris specifically it was also the time in which He stirred my heart for children with Down Syndrome. It was like the stirring He first put in my heart for China, something I can not explain, a love I can not deny that is from God alone.

Though I knew Morris was ours I could not understand this heart I now had for children with Down Syndrome. I knew it was for a reason, I knew it would come to pass, but I did not know it would be two years later before God would reveal His plan.

Luke was very drawn to our Jin Jon's (Tucker's) video, and so was I. My heart was so full for both boys I cried out to The Lord in a prayer for them. A prayer I wrote down on paper and put away (I don't normally write out prayers like this) God brought the peace and patience He knew it would take to wait this long to bring our second boy home.

Tucker did not have a file, which means he was not available for adoption at the time Morris was. He had a picture up but no file. God knew why, I know God's hand was behind this, He knew we were to bring Morris home first for a very specific reason, reasons we may never understand, reasons we really don't need to understand. We are grateful He knows. We trust His timing.

Like I said I did not understand my heart for children with DS, I did not understand my heart for Tucker. I did not know we would eventually be bringing him home, all I knew was he captured my husband and my heart and I wanted him to be file ready and to have a family of his own. My prayers for him were mainly that he would have a family, an indescribable heart of love for him.

As time went on and we were busy preparing for Morris God continued giving me glimpses of His heart for orphans with DS and at this point I was 99% sure we would eventually adopt a child with DS I did not know when, where, who, how or why all I knew was God was moving.

God was so faithful to keep my mind and heart in His perfect peace and to keep focused on Morris and His needs. Our time in China really opened ours eyes and hearts to how much people everywhere need Jesus, how desperately we need Jesus, how we can not love without Jesus. Our visit to Morris' orphanage started to really guide our hearts to Tucker though we were not fully aware of it at the time. Really most of what I remember is Tucker's little face staring up at me through an open window as I looked into Morris' classroom. I looked over at Luke with so much joy in my heart (as we were trying to get the camera out and everything felt so chaotic) and said "look there's Dylan" (that was his name on the waiting child list). He was so excited to see us, he followed Luke around the entire time, grabbed onto his leg and Luke took a picture of him. He smiled with a big sweet smile the entire time we were there. As we were about to leave Tucker reached up for me and I picked him up and gave him a little snuggle. On our way back to the hotel our guide told us how much she loved Jin Jon, how sweet and smart he is, and how she hopes he will have a family.

I can honestly say God gave me what I needed to get through our time at the orphanage and our time in China. The need can seem very overwhelming, God has shown me over and over what I can do to help is surrender and do what He puts in front of me. My prayer is always " Lord show me what I can do to help, however that may look." He is faithful to guide.

Bringing Morris home and helping him adjust to his new life was at the top of our priorities. We wanted him to feel secure, loved and have his needs met. Adopting again was not at the front of our minds though we are always seeking to be open and obedient to whatever The Lord has called us to. Though my focus was my family my heart kept being pulled for orphan boys specifically with DS and so I started to pray.... "Lord, what is this heart you've so clearly given me.

As Morris began to adjust and learn English he truly amazed us at how fast he adapted to his new life. He loved showing us pictures from his Orphanage and telling us everyone's names. He is a love. He told us little Jin Jon's name and began praying every night and every morning for Jin Jon to have a family. If any of us forgot to pray for his friend Jin Jon (even before meals) he would interrupt our prayers to remind us to pray for him. He began saying things like "Daddy, I want Jin Jon to come to my house." Through Morris' sweet heart for his friend God was guiding our hearts. My heart was now stirred once again to pray for Jin Jon, my prayer was that a families heart would be stirred for him. I began advocating for him and was told he was not yet file ready. This was so burdening my heart.

Morris' heart for his friend truly began stirring all of us for Jin Jon.

August 4th 2013 was my sisters birthday party, we went to her house for a barbecue. It was a time to laugh and enjoy family. Elias our four year old climbs up in a tree interrupts everyone yelling at the top of his lungs to announce that we need to pray for Jin Jon to have a family and for his brother in India devakumara (the boy we sponsor). He asked each person to choose who they wanted to pray for Jin Jon or devakumara by pointing to them. There were a few people that were not Christians that prayed. He prayed on his own with a loud voice for all to hear. It was amazing, it was out of the ordinary and this stood out to everyone there.

This stood out to me and I knew this was something I needed to fast and pray about. God reminded me of the prayer I wrote, but I did not know if I kept it or where it could be. As I looked for it I found it in a bag of papers. It was dated September 9th 2012.

I really felt I was to take a week to fast and pray that Jin Jon would become available for adoption. That his file would be ready. I decided to start the fast and prayer the week leading up to September 9th and to end on the 9th the date on the prayer. As I fasted and prayed my heart was so full for him I felt almost sick.

God gave me this scripture in Proverbs

"Hope differed makes the heart sick but when the desire comes it is a tree of life."

The week seemed to pass so slow but God gave me such a strong confidence that He would answer my prayer and that Jin Jon would finally be file ready. I fasted from Internet altogether so at the end of the fast I checked the waiting child list Jin Jon was on it and I noticed right away his picture was updated, I was so happy - I emailed our agency asking if his file was read, not expecting a reply since it was closed Sundays. I got an email back almost right away saying HIS FILE CAME IN!

I was in awe yet not at all shocked. I ran outside and showed Luke his updated picture and told him everything.

We serve a living God.

I knew now this would be a time to quietly pray and see what God wanted to do. How He wanted to work. I was aware that we had to be home six months before we could start another adoption at this time we were home with Morris 4 months and I truly felt like we should wait and see if there was someone else interested in adopting Jin Jon. Luke had suggested to wait a couple months pray and see what God had in store. It was a step of faith as I thought for sure he would have a list a mile long of families waiting to look at his file, but he didn't.

Sept 9th I was praying that if we were the ones to look at Jin Jon's file Luke would be the one to bring it up. I found out through a friend that you could adopt again before six months of being home if you were approved. I told Luke about this, I did not mention my hearts desire to look at his Jin Jon's file Luke said "Let's look at his file" I emailed our agency and that evening they sent his file. Before looking at it I waited for Luke to get home and quietly prayed.......

Tucker has Down's Syndrome, Tucker is not defined by his extra chromosome, he is uniquely and wonderfully made, he is who God created him to be, he is a child of God and we are so thankful for who he is. I am aware of the medical needs children with DS face and it does not scare me but I also know that we do not know what surgeries and therapies Morris will need in the future so I prayed that despite Jin Jon having DS he would be healthy. His file says he is healthy and smart. I know God puts these prayers in our hearts so when they are answered we will be confident in His calling. We are aware that despite what his file says he could have health issues but we feel God has answered our prayer and is leading us one step at a time to little Tucker.

We looked through his file and his name means many trees, I thought of the verse God had given me right away

Hope differed makes the heart sick but when the desire comes it is a tree of life. I didn't say anything really to Luke. He then said " I love what his name means." I told him how I prayed that he wouldn't have any major heart problems. We were quiet, we both wanted to see if anyone else was open to adopting him,we waited on The Lord for three more weeks....

After three weeks still no one had inquired about him. I began to pray that Luke would be the one that brought up placing his file on hold. We were talking exactly three weeks after looking at his file and Luke showed me a video of something about Down Syndrome he was watching- I told him that at this point no one had inquired about Jin Jon and he said we should just put his file on hold.

I emailed right away and the next day they placed him on hold for us. We again said let's take some time to pray.......

A week or two later after talking to a social worker at our agency, praying, and waiting on The Lord we knew he was ours.

About a week after that they approved us to move forward with him even though we had not been home quit 6 months with Morris. As of November we have been pre approved to adopt Jin Jon......

God has answered the cry of our hearts, He saw sweet Morris' heart of child like faith and God is bringing His will to fruition. We are blessed beyond measure to be called to adopt another little china boy doll. God moves in His timing and gives us the peace, patience, and confidence to keep going one prayer at a time, through the waiting and through the unknown.

I never want to live a life that is not lead by the spirit, I never want to miss out on all God has, and I never want to say no to the blessings He sets before us.

God does not ask us to conjure up a heart to do his will, He does not ask us to work it out on our own, or to try and figure it out or strive to do it alone, He gives us a heart for His will for us. He gives us all we need, He draws our hearts close to the things that are close to His - He sways the hearts of kings, He works out all the details, He gives us the grace, love and confidence to carry out His will set before us.

Let's never miss out.....

Lord here I am, use me....

We have one short life to live. You can have all the world just give me Jesus!


This is the picture Luke took of Tucker the day we met him at the orphanage
Our boys growing up together as friends at their orphanage in Maoming, China
When my father and my mother forsake me,
Then the Lord will take care of me.
-Psalm 27:10

November is a month to reflect on all we have to be thankful for, it is adoption month and today is Orphan Sunday. This post has come at such an appropriate time.

Thank You Jesus that our Morris is one less orphan. We are so proud of him, he is truly amazing.

We have been home with our sweet Morris for almost six months and I am able to reflect on all I have to be thankful for.

Writing this post has not been without tears, for God has been exceedingly good. He has poured out in a way I never knew possible, He has shown me glimpses of the way thankfulness opens a heart to more and more of Him and the beauty of His pure heart.


Jesus thank You for stripping me of all I've perceived myself to be and showing me who I really am, a sinner who needs a savior every moment of everyday. A wretch that need's to cling to the cross and freely receive forgiveness and freely forgive.

A blind man that needs to see more of You.

A human that needs Your love, to be able to give it out.

One that can not perceive the things of God, this alone is humbling. A life with a heart that is hard without Christ. A person that will never be perfect and yet that is ok because in God alone I am asked to find my strength and identity. In Jesus I am able to find all that I need, In Him alone I am able to be made new, made pure, able to conquer, He is able to make up for all the ways I lack, cover all I mess up and be glorified in a weak life, thank You Jesus. Thank You for forgiveness and the freedom it brings. The way it washes away and brings healing. The way it restores.

Though our journey to Morris seems not long ago, it is as though He has been with us always. His precious life has been in the hands of Jesus and I see the way God has tenderly watched over him and cared for him. I am thankful….
Thankful He has preserved our precious boys life and brought him to our family. Though his life has not been without loss and heartache Morris has shown to be so very brave, strong, and able to love and receive love. He loves to love. Our Morris has a tender heart with such an innocence that in ways reflects Jesus..... I am so very thankful for child like faith and the way children are able to love. 

Morris has left all he has ever known, though it was not ideal it was familiar, it was his normal. This is something I will never truly understand. In my lack of understanding thank You Jesus for the compassion You give, the glimpses You give us into his sweet little heart. Without You Lord my love would be based off of just feelings,emotions, conditional, a shallow love that can not help or heal. Not really love at all.

Thank You for Your pure love that heals and brings life. Thank You Lord that You alone are love....I am learning love is a choice, love is sacrifice, selfless, and restores all that is lost. Your love is unconditional and beautiful.Your perfect love casts out all fear and oh how I've seen this throughout our journey.

Thank You Jesus for our little boy that You brought from the other side of the world...he has enriched our lives and taken us deeper in our relationship with You. 

Jesus You have shown us the only way to go deeper in our relationship with You is for us to be put in situations where we have to cling to You fully with all that we are and though it can be hard yes, oh yes I am so thankful. Thankful for each night my boy is home with us, tucked in his bed and I don't have to wonder what he is doing because I know.

Each morning he crawls from his bed to mine and lavishes his snuggles and kisses on me.

Each time he says "I Lu (love) you mommy". Each time I hear him playing and laughing with his "dede" (brother) and "sissy". How he amazes me in that not long ago he did not even know what a family was and now he works hard everyday to contribute to his family. He works hard to follow rules and to please his parents with a sense of belonging, though I have to remind him that even if he does something wrong I will always love him. I am blessed by his spirit of contentment and humility, as well as his smile that is contagious and joy that spreads. Thankful for how quick he is to forgive and the compassion he has on others and the way he freely gives love.

How he is conquering his fear a day at a time with his security in our love and his sense of belonging.


He now has a family that supports him and stands behind him and rejoices in his accomplishments.He now has a brother and sister that fight over sitting next to him at the dinner table, hug and kiss him everyday and are shaped into better little people by learning to share and die to themselves. Oh how thankful I am to see first hand how Gods love takes a feeble little child with deep fear and gives confidence and peace.

I am thankful to see Morris with his daddy, the way he looks up to him and finds confidence in his love. 

I praise and thank You Jesus for

when Morris sings "I love my daddy and mommy. I love my sissy and dede" with such joy in his heart. The way he prays to Jesus with his child like faith always saying Jesus thank you for...

Jesus thank You for all that I get to see Morris accomplish and each day spent with my husband and each of my children.

Jesus thank You for our precious Morris' birth mother who chose life.

I have moments of complete grief as I reflect on the years I missed in Morris' life until sweet Jesus softly and tenderly reminds me that this is His plan and His purpose.  I have shed many tears thinking of how Morris' birth parents will never see his gentle spirit so full of life and love, yet in my tears I am reminded of this beautiful verse

“Before I formed you in the womb I knew you; Before you were born I sanctified you; I ordained you a prophet to the nations.”

Jeremiah 1:5

And I am encouraged in God's promises.

For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

Jeremiah 29:11

Thank You Jesus for Your word and the truth it brings, the way it transforms our minds and hearts and guides us in this journey of life.

Thank You for life, and how You treasure each one.

Thank You that this life is not my own, it is Yours.

My heart is full, filled to overflowing with thankfulness for a great God who is always good!


Elias and Morris meeting Mickey. Morris was screaming at the top of his lungs he was so excited!
The kiddos in their bunks on the tour bus. They love to travel with the family
Sweet little sleeper
At Harvest Church in Riverside, California after daddy's concert
All smiles
Swimming at the NATATORIUM
He loves chuckee
Morris caught his first fish
Can't wait till Morris is playing for esterlyn
Peddling to the park
Birds of prey in Idaho
I am humbled at the gift of life. The way God looks at each of us with eyes of deep unconditional love, compassion, and as His treasured gifts. Each life to God is precious, beautiful, worth dying for. Each orphan is just as much treasured by the Lord as we are. He has called us to be His hands and feet and to see each life through His eyes.
Life is a miracle, each life is so precious, each child deserves to know the love and support of a family, to have a place to call their own, to be encouraged and uplifted in Gods plan for them, and to know that God has gifted each of us in different and unique ways and desires to use those gifts for His kingdom.

Our visit to Morris' Orphange was a gift, we feel very privileged for the opportunity to see where he has spent the first five and a half years of his life. I have been looking forward to this part of our trip for a longtime.
Maoming is a four and a half hour drive from where we are staying in Guangzhou so we anticipated a very long, emotional day.
Not knowing what to expect we decided through prayer this would be a good thing for Morris to say goodbye to his nannies, teacher, and friends.
The visit turned out to be a bigger blessing than we realized.

As we arrived at Morris' Orphanage his friends from preschool were waving down at him from an upstairs open classroom. His built up emotion poured out on arrival, tears streaming down his face. He has about the most heart melting cry I've heard. We let the orphanage director carry him up to his classroom. As he entered his classroom his cry turned into laughing. He loves his friends! We felt very welcomed and they began showing us all that they have been teaching him. Morris was so sweet as he passed out a small treat to each of his friends. His smile lit up the room and you could see the love each one had for him. Morris' teacher sat with him at the piano and they sang a song.

Each room they took us to was where Morris spent his days. We learned so much about him in that short time we were there. Each care giver loved our Morris and was so thankful he now has a family and an opportunity to spread his sunshine. They called him "sunshine boy!"
We were blessed with a few treasures they had saved for him. A small teddy bear, his little tin cup he drank from, and an amazing memory book with sweet baby pictures. Morris was so proud to show us his crib that he slept in and his chair with his name on it that he sat in during his preschool time.

Our guide Rebecca was amazing, she was able to translate questions we had for Morris and we found out he loves lanterns and when he grows up he wants to make a lantern. These little pieces into his thoughts are each treasured. He is very smart, he greets every one with good morning auntie or uncle, and he knows each of the kids names at his orphanage.
He said goodbye without tears although on the way home he shed a few as he was thinking about his friends.

I pray that each of us as Christians will take time to pray about how we can help the orphans and widows however that may look.

God has shown me the lack of love and wickedness of my own heart during our time in China. The disabled here in China are very much outcasts. Many people have no compassion to people with special needs, as we walk down the streets we do not see people with special needs.
We have been shown disrespect with starring, pointing, laughing because of our sons disability. I have been very heartbroken at these responses and have let my heartbreak turn into anger and bitterness. The Lord gently reminded me that He loves the very people that have shown this disrespect and that these people need Jesus. China is a country based on false God's or no God at all. I am called to show Christ's love to each person I come in contact with, I can choose to shine for Him. Please pray with me for this country, God desires that each person come to know Him. The harvest is plenty but the workers are few. My prayer is that through each family that adopts, that shows Christ's love for the least of these, for the children and people with special needs that ultimately people's hearts here in China will be opened and changed. That they will desire to be different, that they will have a longing for a true religion in their own lives. My prayer is that I can love like Christ loves because only then will people see a difference.

Lord my prayer for sweet Morris is that he will have a deep compassion for people and for his country. I pray that he will be bold and that he will find his confidence in You. I pray that he will shine bright for You, that his life will be a reflection of Your beauty, and that many will come to know You through his story.

May God break my heart so completely that the whole world falls in. ~Mother Teresa

Gotcha Day!!!
It has taken a little time for this post because we have been truly cherishing each moment with our precious boy......
Monday May 20th 2013
The day couldn't have been more beautiful, each moment is treasured.
I want to start off by saying I am so thankful God is steadfast and never changing because in this life emotions change daily and sometimes by the minute.
As we prepared to meet our sweet boy I found myself in constant prayer and was able to reflect on all God has brought us through up to this point.
I was able to reflect on God's heart for me and for the orphan and the beautiful process adoption is. God is in the details even when we think some of them are silly.
The Lord keeps speaking to me saying, one step at a time, just put one foot in front of the other and I will take care of the outcome, in faith do My will for you and you will see more of my character. So here I am doing that very thing, entrusting the outcome into His hands. Through this I am able to trust Him more. I can not put into words every detail, but I can say God has truly reminded me that He is in control and He sees what is in store.
Every single prayer has been answered up to this point, I am so very thankful for all of the prayers that have gone out on our behalf and the power prayer has.
Before leaving to meet our Morris we spent time in prayer, as we headed out time seemed to stand still as we were driving. I felt God calming me, He gently said it will be ok.
We entered the civil affairs office and went upstairs to a small room crowded with other families and noises. We were searching for our boy, we had to patiently wait for them to bring him out. Through a crack in the back door of the room we saw a glimpse of our sweet little boy sitting in his wheelchair with a smile on his face, he looked over and saw us gazing and smiled so big, he had recognized us from the pictures we sent :) We continued to wait.....
As the nannies wheeled Morris out I literally felt like I was in a dream and everything, all the distractions in the background faded. He was all smiles, looking so proud.
Before I picked him up the nannies wanted him to show me a Mother's Day gift he had made for me. He was so proud showing me the picture frame with the family picture of us in it. He pointed to each person in the picture yelling mama, baba- it was so cute. I looked down and his arms were stretched to the sky with a smile from ear to ear! I picked him up, he came right to me, I held him close while giving him hugs and kisses. Like I said before it is very hard to put these moments into words, they are very very special. The moment we had been waiting for so long had come. All the pictures and videos we had seen finally were becoming real. We could see and touch our little boy. He is truly amazing, we are so proud of Morris for being so brave. I kept saying I cant't believe he is ours. Adoption is a miracle.
Morris was very excited about his bumble bee backpack filled with special toys and treats. He especially loved the little fan airplane, juice box, and bubbles. The simple things we take for granted he sure loves. As we blew bubbles and had Mickey Mouse pop them he was laughing at the top of his lungs. He felt very comfortable with us, not afraid. We had time to ask the nannies questions and collect his things that we had sent to him. All of a sudden Morris realized the nannies were gone and he began to weep, my heart broke as I watched his eyes searching all over the room for the only familiar people in his life. It was heart wrenching.

I just want to say how very thankful and blessed we are for the nannies that truly loved our boy over the past five and a half years he's been alive. We can tell they really love him, they took very good care of our sweet boy and wanted to make sure they each got individual pictures with him before they left. We are so impressed with the love and care his orphanage provided.
Thank you Jesus for our precious, precious treasure. Thank you for choosing him for our family.
Morris began to calm down on the car ride back to the hotel. He amazes us with each passing day. He is receiving our love, and his trust for us is building with each moment we spend nurturing him. Our little boy is tiny, yet strong, meek and mild yet passionate and full of life. His disability does not define him, it makes him who he is. He loves conquering new challenges and making us laugh. We are blessed beyond measure!!
The day we left for China Morris was exactly 51/2 years old.
We are so grateful that God has hand picked us out of all the people in this world to go on this journey of adoption to our little man. We feel very privileged to be little Morris' parents.
The first few days as we waited to meet our little Angel we had a wonderful time together, enjoying the rest and seeing some of the beautiful Chinese culture, (not to mention loving this nice hotel).
There have been so many different emotions through this adoption process, but God is always here to give me just what I need. He is definitely a friend that sticks closer than a brother. He never ceases to amaze me. So thankful I have Him to lean on, so thankful He desires to build our faith and trust, it gives this life purpose.
The most amazing part of the days leading up to meeting sweet Morris is the peace God has enveloped me with. Peace that passes all understanding. He has been here to calm each fear and doubt that try's to creep in.
My husband has truly been a blessing, he has so much love to give and such a big heart. I love how the team work draws us closer and closer together. My heart is so full, I am one blessed girl.


My heart is overwhelmed as I think about Gods love this morning. I woke up early to catch the 6:20 Ferry to Vancouver, BC - The last two days we have had the privledge to lead worship at some amazing churches here on the islands of British Columbia. My wife and I are meeting up at the Vancouver Airport to complete what was birthed through prayer many years ago. We are going to go get our little boy!
Thank you Jesus for Your love in my life. Thank You Lord for Your compassion. I could never say thank You enough. We want more of You in our lives. Our prayer is that our actions would declare who You are. Your beauty overwhelms me-
Please be with us today

God's Provision

I should not be blown away at God's goodness and faithfulness, that is His character, yet I am.
I am humbled that He chose me to be my husbands wife and chose us to be parents to three sweet children, blessed that He hand picked each of them for our family.

He has once again displayed His faithfulness in our Journey.........

He has once again guided and directed each of our steps...........

He has once again poured out His grace and mercy..........

His love abounds

March 12th,

China gave us our letter of acceptance. Meaning we will be traveling to bring home our precious little boy very soon.
We received our LOA in 35 days, a month earlier than we were expecting. It is all happening a lot faster than we thought,
we are so so thankful and sooooo blessed. God sees the path before us, He knows our every need and desire.
We take great comfort knowing that God is with our Morris as he waits for us. Please pray for Him as he is about to leave the only life he has ever known.

March went by very fast with all of the paperwork and all the anticipated steps we have taken in this adoption process, God's perfect timing! March is a very special month, God began to place a very real, very heavy burden on my heart for our precious Morris last year. My heart is full as I see how God compels us with His love. My life is forever changed as I look back and see God's mighty hand at work
in all the tiny details. He cares for us, He does not leave us as orphans, His spirit has come to change us, to live and dwell in us, to give us sight when this world is so dark, to give us an eternal perspective. Without God I am a selfish wretch that lives only to gratify the flesh, I need
more of Jesus, I need Him to continue to burn away the things in me that are not of Him.

Thank you for using the weak things of this world Lord..........


God is using each of you to play your part in an orphans life (AN ORPHAN NO MORE). We are so so grateful for the love and support we have been shown throughout this process.

Please keep praying for us as we are now officially waiting for our Travel Approval (as of April 18th).This is around a 2 week wait, sometimes longer. When we receive our travel approval we leave two
weeks after that. (Middle to end of May)
Please pray for us, we need a lot of prayer. Our lives are about to be changed forever, we are thankful and at the same time we know it will be hard in ways.
Please pray for Elias and Brighten as they adjust to Morris, Please pray for Morris as he learns to be part of a family (he has never been apart of a family).
Please pray that God gives Luke and I the love and wisdom it takes to raise our precious children for Him. Prayer is the biggest way you can help!!!!!!!!


Two steps closer to our little "G" (Xin Kuan)!!!!
My heart is so full as I post this, God is so good to bring such a gift into our lives "Lord thank you for calling us."
We received an email January 18th letting us know that our doccuments were sent to China. On feb. 19th we received an email that we have a log in date with China (as of feb. 5th)That means our next step is letter of acceptance or approval not really sure what LOA means, and then we will travel 2 or 3 months after that. Blessed, Blessed, Blessed.
God has given us just what we need every step of the way. It amazes me how He just gives peace freely. His timing has truly been perfect. I see it more and more as I look back over the last year and a half.
I will admit I can not wait to get my hands on our little china boy doll.

Fun ways we have been celebrating our China boy......
July- for the 4th of July Luke bought a Chinese lantern and we lit it just for "G"
On Xin Kuans birthday November 17th we had a party for him. I made fried rice (which we attempted to eat with chopsticks) and a panda bear cake. We celebrated with family as each of us prayed for our sweet boy. He got some cute gifts, we took the kids to build a bear and let them make him a bear with our voices recorded and some hearts.
Christmas- I tried encorporating some Chinese decorations in with the Christmas decor. We made a Chinese advent calendar with mini Chinese food boxes, Asian paper, and an Asian nativity. His stocking with his name on it was hung up and filled and family put gifts for him under the tree.
I'm learning some Chinese food recipes
Chinese new year- we where in SanFran which doesn't get better than that (China district) need I say more. Chinese latterns hanging everywhere and beautiful Asians everywhere. My man took me out on a date to the most amazing Asian restaurant. We had so much fun eating and shopping in the china district for Xin Kuan.
Our prayer is that God continues to give us more of His heart and that He will continue using our lives in ways we never thought possible. With God all things are possible, thanks for sharing Your heart with us Lord.
I desire to die to self more and more so that God can be lifted higher and higher.
God makes beautiful things out of the dust, He makes beautiful things out of us.
Open your heart to Gods calling on your life you will be amazed.
Me and my little girl Brighten in San Francisco
I made this little nativity as a Christmas gift for our family
Care package for little Morris
We are so excited to send our little Morris a care package! A blanket with his name on it, the bear our family made for him at build a bear for Christmas (when you squeeze it's hand it says, we love you Xin Kuan in our recorded voices), a picture book, pjs that match Elias', a shirt, some toys, a few treats, and of course a toothbrush and toothpaste. God has been so faithful in guiding and directing each step of this journey to our precious son. December 31st we received our I-797 (immigration approval), one step closer. After all of our paperwork is translated it will be ready to send to China! Yay!!!! Thank you so much for all of your prayers, we are beyond blessed.

"He who is faithful in what is least is faithful also in much; and he who is unjust in what is least is unjust also in much."
Luke 16:10

Elias putting a heart in Morris' bear
Little Morris is officially ours! God has answered our prayers. We hope to have him in our arms soon. Thanks for all your prayers and support in this process.